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Burrowing Owls

I love the rule breakers in nature. People tend to pigeon-hole (sorry for the pun) birds and animals into categories not based on facts but on how we perceive them to be. We think that if they are...

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Gee-whiz Nature Facts

The wild turkey is a strong flyer that can achieve up to 55 miles per hour and can out-run just about any animal through thick brush. Its eyesight is three times better than our own, and turkeys have remarkable hearing. A male can pinpoint the origin of another gobbling turkey up to a half a mile away.

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Wildlife Photography Tours

During June and July, Stan Tekiela is proud to offer a world-class loon photography tours.

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Do you have any interesting wildlife in your backyard? Any nesting birds, deer, turkeys, reptiles, amphibians, or other unique wildlife? Or maybe a fox or coyote den?

If so, contact Stan at stan@naturesmart.com with your backyard wildlife. If he can get a good photo of the subject, he will send you a print of the photo to hang on your wall.

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Stan can be heard all across the Midwest.
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