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Millions of people have discovered the wonderful world of birds, wildflowers and trees, and the amazing reptiles and amphibians. Stan Tekiela's state-by-state field guides are for those who want to identify the common birds, wildflowers, trees, reptiles or amphibians found in their state.

Full-page color photographs (taken by Stan and other professional photographers) of each bird, flower, tree and critter clearly and accurately show the field marks necessary for identification. Each species also has a range indicating where it is found within the state, and a unique compare section that is not included in any other bird, tree or critter book. Another special feature in Stan's field guides is "Stan's Notes." This section is packed with many gee-whiz nature facts, interesting tidbits and extra information to help you identify the subject in question.

Because these guides are state-specific, you will no longer have to look through page after page of birds, wildflowers, trees, reptiles or amphibians that don't even occur in your state. Browse through the selection of field guides and other items by selecting a product below, and get ready to become "Nature Smart" quickly with one or more of Stan's award-winning books.

All of Stan's popular books and field guides are available through Adventure Publishing, and also Click on the links inside each section to order your copy today. If you prefer you can order directly from the publisher by calling the toll free number 1-800-678-7006 and be sure to tell them you saw the books on Stan's website.


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